When Christians Are United,
Reaching Out to the Needy in One Accord,
We’re Serving Jesus in Disguise —
Fulfilling a Central Command of Our Lord.
Matthew 25:35-36




Christians United Outreach Center of Lee County

2885 Lee Ave      PO Box 2217      Sanford, North Carolina 27331-2217      (919)774-8485

In 2012, CUOC distributed more than 13,500 boxes of food—600,000+ pounds—to 2,590 families (not counting repeat visits).

Scroll to bottom for a list of our current food needs.

What’s It Like to Volunteer with CUOC?

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What Do We Need?

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Wish List

Opportunities to Make Wishes Come True

CUOCLC wishes to serve needy Lee County residents as we meet them at their points of emergency need. You can help us fulfill these prayerful wishes as you prayerfully become an answer to one or more of our wishes. Opportunities to make wishes come true are among the following (click for detailed descriptions of each avenue of service ):

            ·         Financial Contributions                                                     ·         Thrift-Store Items Donations

            ·         Food Donations (see special needs, below)                      ·         PowerPoint Presentation Equipment

            ·         Food Drives                                                                      ·         TV/DVD Combination for Client Area

             ·       School Supplies for Needy Children                                ·         Creative Fundraising Efforts

            ·         Transfer of Paper Files to Computerized Files

            ·         Volunteers Needed:

       o       Food-Pantry-Area Sorting/Packing Volunteers               o       Coordinators for All Departments at CUOCLC

       o       Food-Pantry-Area Volunteers                                      o       Thrift-Store Volunteers    

       o       Interviewers of Clients                                                    o       Local-Food Pick-Up Drivers

       o       Greeters of Clients                              o       Raleigh-Food-Bank Pick-Up Drivers

       o       Computer/Data Entry Volunteers                     o       Shopper for Raleigh Food Bank

       o       File Volunteers                                                          o       Sweep, Clean & Mop Volunteers

       o       Telephone Volunteer, Especially During Client Hours           o       Drivers of Pick-Up Trucks to Haul Away Items

This is not an exhaustive list, but certainly represents many immediate needs.


Christians United Outreach Center of Lee County, due to ever-increasing client-base points of need, requests your continued donations (food items, financial support, volunteer service, prayers...however you feel led to serve). 

  • Food-Pantry Items Especially Needed:
    • Macaroni & Cheese
    • Pasta Sauce
    • Bags of pinto beans
    • Cans of black beans
    • Jelly
    • Peanut Butter
  • Food-Pantry Canned Goods Especially Needed:
      • Potatoes
      • Tuna & Canned Meats
      • Chili with Beans
      • Pasta (e.g., spaghettios, ravioli, etc.)